Our Team

Xiaoyu Hopkins


Certified SCRUM Master and Software Architect

M.S. Computer Science; M.S. Chemistry

In the past 20 years, I have taken on many different software development projects and roles. My experience provided me the unique combination of skills in management, technologies, and process. And enabled me to build winning products and teams.

I'm passionate about software development. I believe the highest level of success in software development comes from client-centric approach, innovative thinking, proper process managment, and trust.

Grigor Gasparyan

Sr. Software Developer

M.S. Informatics and Applied Mathematics

I have extensive experience in software architecture design, front end, and back end software development. I have worked on various tasks that required intensive research to complete - problem solving is rewarding!

Narek Torosyan

Sr. Software Developer

B.S. Informatics and Applied Mathematics

Software development is my passion. My work ranges from UI to backend database to busniess logic to configuration management. I have led many arhitecture design discussions and helped the team turn designs into successful products. As the technologies evolve, I continue to aquire and apply new skills at my work.

Edgar M.

Software Developer

M.S. Computer Applications

My skills include both front end and back end software development. I believe in refactoring to achieve easier to maintain and more flexible architecture designs which lead to faster development and money saving for our clients.

Aharon Yedigaryan

Front End Software Developer

M.S. Computer Applications

I put together modern software designs by providing clean and beautiful graphics and sleak UI layout. I also work on front end data handling. Web and software design is constantly evolving. It can be overwhelming for our clients. I make it easier for our clients to achieve the desired look and feel.